Corporate Profile

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NI Holdings, Inc. (NODK) is a publicly held holding company that generates results from property and casualty insurance company operations. Specifically, results are generated through the operations of Nodak Insurance Company and its affiliates. NI Holdings common stock trades on NASDAQ under NODK. The majority of NI Holdings stock is held by Nodak Mutual Group, Inc., which operates as a mutual holding company.

Business Model for Nodak Insurance and its affiliated companies

Nodak Insurance Company and its affiliates focus on the sale of property and casualty insurance products with emphasis on automobile, farmowners, homeowners, and small business risks. Our products are marketed through both the captive and independent agent channels located in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Nevada, and Arizona.

Organizational Structure

Nodak Mutual Group, Inc. owns approximately 55 percent of NI Holdings, Inc. with the remaining 45 percent being actively traded on NASDAQ. NI Holdings, Inc. has no employees of its own; however, Nodak Insurance Company and its affiliates employ over 200 people throughout our operating states. Nodak was originally organized as Nodak Mutual Insurance Company in 1946 and serves as the Farm Bureau affiliated insurance company in North Dakota.

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